Friday, March 11, 2011

3rd time's a charm

Or at least I am hoping.

I had my face-to-face/video conference interview Wed for the job I really want. Of course following most interviews you contemplate all the answers you should have given versus the rambles you did give.  Some of us kick ourselves and wish for a do-over.  Well today, I did get my chance to expound on 3 items that came up during my 2nd interview. 1. An issue was raised about my needing training. I think that was taken out of context from my telephone interview. 2. Working in a fast pace environment. Everyone thinks their environment is faster paced than others.  Science is a hurry up and wait arena. So you learn how to balance priorities and stretch out the days, if needed. 3. What would I look for in an admin (if I was on the other side). Future goals, an interest in constant learning and great customer service skills.

These folks know I can do the job, now it's time to see if the personalities will fit.  I promise to squash the voices in my head and keep my personalities to 1, if hired.  So I welcomed today's one-on-one coffee meeting.  I know the group was impressed when I showed up with writing samples on Wed and I think today's person was even more impressed because I came with written notes from Wed's interview. I think she likes my anticipation level.

So I sit here in anticipation of news. And prepare for another interview Monday.  What will I wear (I only have 1 interview suit which now needs to go to the cleaners).

Thanks Merry and Kim for your votes of confidence and well wishes.

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to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

Based on this post, it is clear that you are a very prepared and very qualified candidate. They better see it OR ELSE! oh yeah!

Best wishes to you, my friend! Can't wait to hear how it goes! =)