Thursday, December 4, 2008


College students are not as intelligent as we think they should be (use your own adjective) - that's a given...or maybe I'm just old...that's probably more the truth.

But today's vent is directed at, yet again, my Minorities Professor. Granted this course was to implore us to overcome our own prejudices held against minorities by gleaming a small, but informative, piece of their history and culture. In my opinion, that's a fair goal for the course. However, yesterday was it! Thank goodness it was the last official day of class.

The ignorance that comes out of this man's mouth just floors me. As a "professor", he is supposed to be full of knowledge based on his learning experience. But yet, he, himself, can not get past his own prejudices. To say that Tookie Williams was undeserving of the noble prize (yes, we are entitled to our opinions) is LUDICROUS!!!! A man who, unfortunately was the founder of the most heinous gang in LA, attempted to right the wrong from jail. He worked on decreasing jail violence and counseled gang members as they entered/existed the system.

To further imply that the genocide in Darfur did not get the "airplay" it deserved in the US news is another moronic statement. Even today, the NY Times has a section dedicated to each continent. If we want news from Sri Lanka, there are places on the web to get the news. I have been abreast of the events happening on the African continent as well as events happening right here in my town. Granted, our news is slanted, but it is still news.

It is pointless to argue with him since he his belief that women shouldn't be as educated as men. I know I intimidate him and that's ok with me. The semester is over. I only have to return to take the exam. Give me my "A" and we can move on peacefully - he in his ignorance, I in my satisifaction in knowing that I am not as ignorant as he.


Anonymous said...

Damn girl! I hope he doesn't subscribe and/or read your blog!! kjc

TexNYQueen said...

I hope he does! Maybe he would learn something.