Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rockin and Rollin

...or, I survived my first Rock n  Roll Half Marathon. And on my big 4-0 nonetheless.

What was I thinking?

I was thinking it would be a nice day in San Antonio in Nov with Fall-ish weather. Boy, was I ever wrong. It was hot. At 9:00am, around my 5K point, it was already 72 degrees. I must have been delirious because I saw Elvis.
Elvis is taking off
What was I thinking?
I  wanted to finish 13 miles in under 3 hours. I signed on with the 2:45 pace group, but started back in Corral 33 with my running group. That was the party zone. I felt great the first 4 miles until the heat smacked me in the face. I walked between Miles 4 and 5, I snapped photos along the route. I talked to people as I ran. I let my usual self take over and slow my butt down.
Best signs seen along the route

What was I thinking?
It's freaking hot outside. I just want some water. I just want to take a break and close my eyes for a moment. I just want my feet to stop hurting. I just want this to be over. This was between Miles 6 and 8.

What was I thinking?
I'm just going to walk a bit and cool off. Thank goodness for the breeze and the downhill slope. All yes, finally Mile 12 - I'm almost done.

Sorry for the sideways photo. I've tried unsuccessfully to rotate - no luck.
Ha, see me with that silly grin on my face. That's because I didn't know what was waiting for me at Mile 13. I didn't even snap a photo. It was a damn hill. REALLY???? At the finish??? In the heat???? Who thinks this is a great way to finish a long-ass, feet burning, skin burning run? Ahh hell!!!

What was I thinking?
This medal was worth the heat and hurting feet. This race was a lot of fun thanks to a well-organized expo, the music along the route, the people running the race, the fun tees seen along the route, the various people cheering along the route.

Finisher's medal
yeah, I was feeling this shirt
I was not coming in behind her.

My running buddy would say: Run with your butt!
It's the Great Pumpkin!


Shelley said...

Despite the sun and heat, it looks like you had a great first half marathon! Love your pictures - that "I am running DAMMIT" shirt kills me - might need to get one. And the pumpkin house was pretty fun to run by, too. Congratulations on finishing, and making up that hellish hill at the end (so mean. so very mean.)!

LaShaune said...

Other than my sports bra chaffing in a spots it never had before, I had a great time and minor soreness on Monday! So a win-win.