Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gobble Gobble

I'm a bit late with my TXU Energy Turkey Trot update and I figured out why...I didn't snap a single photo! Nope, no pre-race pictures, nothing along the route, not even post-race. However, not playing around during this race (as per my usual), I PR'd this 10K and shaved 10mins off my time.  Hot Dawg! 1 hour, 15mins. I had my fastest mile time at 11:26mins.

This made for my 2nd Turkey Trot, the first being in Sacramento in the cold and rain (what a nasty race) and running with over 26K people. This one was a bit more sedate at 14K people and it was ok weather (sunny, not too humid, not too hot). I stuck to my plan of running a mile and walking a quarter mile. I did start out running with a girl from my running club, but she had to slow her roll due to numbness in her feet. Normally, I would say: No Girl Left Behind (BGR motto) and that I will walk with you, but something clicked again (like at Rock n Roll) and I didn't want to slow down. I made sure she was ok to walk (this is a normal thing with her feet) and I kept on running. She finished around 1 hour and 26 mins, which is my usual time.

I am finding that races are fun when you start out with your friends. It would make for even more fun to see familiar faces cheering you on, but I am learning that running, although social at times, you have to be your own cheer squad. So I turn up my headphones and sing along as I cross the finish line.

I am looking forward to my race line-up whether it be with a group, a single friend or solo.  Here's what's on my schedule:


Jingle Bell Run (10K)
Houston YMCA
Houston - Downtown
Friends of Galveston Island State Park Fun Run (10K)
Galveston State Park
Keep on Truckin’ Half
Brazos State Park
Brazos State Park
TX Med Center 5K
Harris County Hospital District
Houston – Medical Center
Sugar & Spice Half

Clear Lake, TX
Zooma Women’s Half

Blue Bell Fun Run (5K or 10K)

Wildflower Run

TX Flower Country Women’s 5K or 10K

Wildseed Farm, Fredericksburg

Which races are on your upcoming running calendar?


Shelley said...

I love the way you write! Congrats on having such a great Turkey Trot. :)

If you want to travel, you could always come up here and do the Armadillo Dash half on March 3rd...I may run it, or I may drop down to the 5K, depending on how I feel after my next half in 10 days.

Other than that I haven't set my spring race calendar. I probably won't run Blue Bell (too hilly) but I bet I'll be there with my running group, so I'll cheer you on!

LaShaune said...

Thank you, Shelley. I will check out the Armadillo Dash. I think a few from my running club are running BCS too. I am a bit leery about the Blue Bell run because of the hills too, so I guess I better start some hill training.

estetik said...

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