Monday, October 15, 2012

Time flies and pounds creep at night

At least that's how I'm feeling. It's been over a year since my last post and so much has transpired during that time.

1. I moved back to Houston from Sacramento
2. I found 2 new jobs in a 6-week time-frame
3. I am training for my first half marathon to take place on 11/11
4. I've gained over 10lbs since being home
5. I've moved into a new apartment and STILL living among boxes.

For the most part all of these are good things with the exception of the weight gain. I am not sure of the root cause which makes it more difficult to nail down how to remedy the situation. But I am not focusing on the bad.

The good is that I ran my furthest distance this past Saturday!!!! 13.5 miles. It should have been the worse run ever since:

1. my hydration belt was a complete nightmare. It was too bulky and the bottles flew out of the holster not even a 1/4 mile into the run. Luckily, one of the group runners stashed one bottle, I carried one and put another in my back pocket. The fourth I tossed in the trash.

2. my iPod wasn't fully charged so I my Nike+ didn't track my run.

3. my Cardio Trainer app couldn't connect a GPS signal so it didn't track my run either.

4. the girls in my pace group thought we took a wrong turn and we spent too much time discussing which way to go (I wish folks would listen to me because I have a good sense of direction and knew where we were headed).

5. by the end of the run, my white skirt was drenched (luckily not see through) and one leg was chaffed.

I still say my run was great because I accomplished something I swore I would never do - run further than 6 miles and ENJOYED it. My goal for the actual half marathon is to complete it in under 3 hours. The practice run was done in 2 hours and 56mins (including potty break, direction discussion, and stop lights).

My concerns during and following the run were hydration and soreness. I generally don't drink during my runs but have noticed that since moving back home, the humidity sucks all life out of you so I find myself hoping for a water break. I will invest in a camelback this week and make sure there is a bathroom along the race route. It's Day 2 post practice run and I'm just a bit tight. I used my tiger tail immediately after the run, I stretched Saturday and yesterday, walked for 2.35 miles and did yoga yesterday. I think that helps with the delayed soreness. I need to foam roll tonight and continue to stretch. I think today will be a cross train day. Did someone say TurboFire?

So that's the practice run recap. Tomorrow, I will work on a game plan for my diet. Ah, the never-ending saga of attempting to be healthy.

I will catch up on my blog reading. Time to get back in the game.


Shelley said...

Thanks for the great comment on my blog today - and I am with ya on the Tex-Mex...why must it be so good and yet so bad???

Are you running the San Antonio Rock and Roll half? Your race date makes me think so. We are, too! I'm quite impressed that you ran over 13 miles for your training run. :)

Cat said...

Nice to see you again. Camelback? That I know what is. Tiger tail, I do not. I have this image of a striped thing for your back, but anyway, GREAT JOB on the run. I was up to 4 miles, had to kick it back down to 3. My leg just isn't quite as healed as I'd hoped... I will perservere, and maybe I can get up to 4 again. Not 13... but 4. 4 is good.
So. You are doing great! You keep exercising, you'll drop the ten.


LaShaune said...

LOL Cat. You make you laugh. Some days I do feel as if I have a tiger on my back. But a Tiger Tail is essentially a self massaging stick.

And yes, there is even one called a Stick. You could use a rolling pin too, but I don't bake so I don't own a rolling pin.

You will get back to those 4 miles. Take your recovery slow and steady to avoid re-injury.

Shelly: I am too excited about the race being on my birthday. I was afraid to commit, but while I lived in Sacramento I vowed to run a half the next year (this one). Since moving, my group is holding me to that vow. My group is also trying to talk me into the Divas Half in San Fran, but I think if I'm half crazy enough to run another it should be in a fun place like Puerto Rico in Nov (ahh, another birthday run)! LOL.