Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Know What Happens When You Eat Asparagus

Since learning that I am not eating enough fruits/veggies daily, I have revamped my breakfast. That has working pretty well until this morning. I decided to pack my breakfast one of my snacks, which left me with either oatmeal or no snack.  Hmmm.. but those coupons from CrackDonalds came yesterday. 2 for 1 on the breakfast sandwich.

Wait a minute, LaShaune... You're supposed to be eating clean for the next 90 days and I doubt that CrackDonalds counts as a clean meal.  Hell, not even a cheat meal.  So off to Staryucks I go - grab the protein box.  I even tried to eat the power muffin that comes with it.  Today, it tasted AWFUL. One bite and BAM! in the compost pile.

Whew! Breakfast crisis averted for today. Tomorrow is another story.  I really need to roll to the supermarket.

Now my other issue with fruits/veggies is dinner time. Living with The Fella has been a bit different.  His ideal meal is lots 'o meat and lots 'o carbs. Well, now that I'm attempting this 90 challenge (What? I didn't tell you about the challenge..hmmm...ok - well, we are going to eat as clean as possible for the next 88 days. Sorry Buddy). Yes, The Fella reads my blog too. Last night I had to laugh as I was serving plates.  I reached for the spinach and he says...but we have asparagus.  Little did he know I was sneaking in 2 veggies for dinner. Spinach as the base of the meal, layered with couscous, topped with baked salmon with a side of asparagus.  How's that for getting in my recommended serving?

Do you sneak in veggies? Do you have a difficult time getting your family to eat more fruits/veggies?


Be Inspired! said...

Living a fast pace life and eating clean isn't always easy. I get my veggies in with my hefty evening salad - raw spinach (I love!), iceberg, baby carrots, cheese, ham, maybe mushrooms... and sprinkle with my new infatuation cinnamon!

Cat said...

Sounds great, except for the couscous. Never have liked that. But, clean eating, hey, it sounds like you have the right idea, and it sounds like it's going well! Good for you! And if you can make it 90 days, you might just want to go longer! :)

Do I sneak in veggies? With a husband that considers anything green to be toxic, excepting broccoli and FRIED green beans, sneaking is a must. Grating things incredibly fine and cooking in soups is my most common gambit.


Gina; The Candid RD said...

Good for you for passing on the "Crack"! :) I work very hard to get veggies and fruits in my meals, and Nicks (my fiance). I make smoothies quite often, plus I always have frozen vegetables on hand for dinners and lunches. They are SO SIMPLE and they never go bad.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Sorry, late to the post, but I eventually gave up on trying to combine my desire for tons of veggies with my partners dislike of most of them. So now we'll customize our salads/soups/stirfries or whatever to put our own favorite stuff in there.

Love your sneaky approach though!