Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are you getting served?

I've been keeping track of my calories (I'm in to the 2nd week so far) as my Lent resolution and I've noticed that most days I am not getting the recommended serving of fruits and veggies.  Funny how you think you eat healthy all day, most days until you track what actually goes in the pie hole.

For the past 10 days, I'm lucky if 50% of them I will even get 2-3 serves of fruit and/or veggies. I haven't been juicing once a week either (too lazy at the end of the day and it's too noisy in the early morning), so that idea hasn't panned out.

Any other options to getting in the recommended daily servings?  Does anyone even know what the recommendation is?  Well, it's 5-6 cups dependent upon age and sex (yeah, that's clear).

So here's my game plan to increase my fruit/veggie intake...Eat them at breakfast. I have a small betno boxes that I carry my lunch in.  So my new breakfast will consist of carrots with hummus, tomatoes, and fruit (whichever I have on hand for the week - this week, it's grapes and apples) with either a high fiber piece of toast with honey or English muffin with honey and of course, coffee. My lunch will also have a fruit or veggie side.  Today it's an apple. Yesterday it was carrots. Tomorrow will be another apple and a tangerine.  When the weather changes, dinners will include a salad.  I am thinking of going for a salad a day for 30 days (but not until the weather changes).

I know I need to make a better effort to snack on fruit and nuts vs. animal crackers or almond cranberry bars.

How do you get in your recommended serving of fruits and veggies each day?


Merry said...

For Lent I am eating pretty much nothing else BUT fruits & veggies.

LaShaune said...

Hey gave me the idea of doing something for Lent...So far so good on this end, but it is an eye opener on the lack of fruits/vegggies in my diet.

Getting them in at breakfast is working so far and curbing my appetite too!

So maybe there is something to all this fiber, fruit and veggie style.

Cat said...

Huh. I just finished reading your blog and now I am hungry for hummus... Oh, well. But it is easier if you start in the morning, I would think. And oh, brother, that bit about how many servings. I thought I was supposed to get 2000 calories a day, turns out I was reading the bit for guys... eep. Hope it works out for you!


LaShaune said...

So far, Cat, it's working. I really love having my friuts/veggies for breakfast and I'm even sneaking them in on The Dude at dinner.

Yeah, you may not like me on 1200 calories per day. I try to aim for 1700.

Patti said...

You ready for this? My husband is a vegetarian! Do we eat fruits and vegetables around here? OMG! I'm just about SICK of them. I've taken a break for a few weeks but now your post has peaked my interest. Yes, a salad a day for 30 days. I get pretty tired of salad pretty quick but a challenge? I'm up for it. I always eat fruit for breakfast and always have a fruit at lunch. Usually berries of whatever is on sale that week. But the salad? Okay.......... I accept the challenge. Start the clock!

Thanks for your post