Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm in love with a stripper...

That's what I hoped The Fella would be saying following my super sexy moves at pole dancing class last night. Sadly, those words may never cross his lips because I will not be a stripper anytime soon.

I think my expectations were high because of the shinny poles, the fact that I can walk in 5"heels and I look great in a tight tank top.

I am now suffering the pains of twirling, twisting, climbing and attempting to flutter kick my way upside down the pole.

In my quest to add variety to my exercise regime and the constant e-mails from Groupon, Deal Time and Living Social, I thought 4 lessons at a local pole dance studio would be just the spice. Thanks to The Fella for adding to my fun by gifting me an additional 4 classes.

If you haven't had the pleasure of your first pole dance class and you're not a 20-yr old dancer...let me tell you - this is hard. Last night, I learned that I'm a stiff, middle-aged Black woman in running shorts with no rhythm (this part I already knew). But I won't be defeated.

Luckily, the studio also a variety of teachers and other classes like striptease and burlesque. So even though a majority of my disappointment was my lack of sensual fluidity, I also fault the instructor for giving poor direction (not everyone was meant to teach). I will try a different night with a different instructor and even try the burlesque class.  Maybe soon, I can be just like Christina Aguilera and get my shimmy, shimmy, shake on.

I will keep you posted.


The Merry said...

Christina what's-her-name? You mean you're going to sing while sliding down a pole? Wow! I am impressed :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my gosh you so have me wanting to take a pole dancing class!