Friday, June 24, 2011

Weight loss, the quick and the easy…

Let’s face it - that’s what most of want - To take a magic pill at night and wake up being a size 4 the next day.

In the short span of 2 hours, I have received 1 FB message promising that I would lose 15 lbs in just 2 weeks by drinking some all-natural shake and a Living Social e-mail promising a 4-week weight loss program using a prescribed medication, supplements, nutrition plan and exercise regimen for the low cost of $90 (I didn’t inquire on the cost of the shake diet and I highly doubt the 4-week program is supervised by a real physician).

Yes, I am an exercise DVD junkie (just recently bought Zumba from QVC). I’ve purchased the Nike+ for my shoe, a heart rate monitor, 2 kettlebells, and slew of other fitness accessories. I do this as a form of motivation (and it also aides my desire to shop).

But I know that by just having these items will not make my thin overnight. I also know that doing a shake diet and taking diet pills will not provide long-term HEALTHY weight loss.

 And isn’t that the point of all this?  Maintaining the weight loss long term and being healthy?

I can’t say I haven’t considered options like Quick Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, FitFoods. I can’t say that these programs aren’t beneficial to some. They do work – for some.

Call me hardheaded and stubborn, but I want to do this the old fashioned way. Maybe I will be stuck at 170 (yes, that damn 7lbs weight gain is sticking around) for a bit longer that I truly like. But I am working on eating right and working out (I restarted my gym membership) and as long as I don’t see 203 again, I can be happy.


Tricia said...


There's no such thing as a quick fix that lasts. If so, we'd all be skinny. :) When I finally started eating GOOD foods in appropriate portions and working it out the weight came off and stayed off. AND I'm much happier eating real food then living off a shake.

Happy you have the right attitude.

The Merry said...

It's easy to get frustrated when things don't seem to be happening quickly... a quick fix can be tempting.
Good for you for not only buying the exercise DVDs, but actually using them. :(
For some reason I tend to assume I can just take them home and put them on the shelf and get results :(

Fashion Meets Food said...

My friend is doing those hcg or whatever drops and while she has lost 30 pounds in two months she is now back to eating normal and has gained 40 pounds thats 10 from where she was. There is no quick fix. I am sure you`ll get to where you'd like to be and you`ll actually be able to keep the weight off.


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

The dude I briefly dated earlier this year started using diet pills and it annoyed me to no end. He would describe side effects to me and tell me he had no appetite AFTER he would eat the most unhealthy (fried, etc) smaller portions of things. What was he learning?

There is no quick fix. We all know this. It is just extremely challenging to battle this constant battle and I do believe it is a forever battle. We are up for the challenge, though. We are strong and we are able.