Saturday, June 4, 2011

Torching Calories

I was really feeling bummed this past week since the scale has constantly gone in the wrong direction for weeks since moving to Sacramento. I contemplated Jenny Craig, but I hate prepackaged foods. I thought of WWs, but that puts me back to obsessing over food intake. I even ponder Hydroxycut or Quickslim, but I know not to waste my money on gimmicks. I'd rather buy cute workout clothes and new sneakers. 

I've put my gym membership on hold thinking that I would workout at home with TurboFire, Zumba, my kettlebell, biking and runs. This is the workout gameplan. And until the strained calf, it's been working. 

My issue is my diet. It's always been my diet. 

I eat well during the week, packing my breakfast, lunch and snacks. But the weekends - that's a different story. My house is packed full of healthy full meal options and sprinkled with temptations (now that I live with my BF) like chips and soda. 

So I read the SP article of getting back on track. I have pledged on a friend's FB page to do a 5-week clean eating with no cheat meal. And I've pledged another friend that I will do her 30/30/30/300 challenge but with my mods: 40 squats, 40 crunches, 3 planks, 100 jumping jacks (did these today). 

I am focusing on eating more fruits and veggies and less carbs (not low carb, but smaller portion at dinner). My BF is a great support and doesn't make me feel guilty if my meal is a little different from his. He cooks extra veggies on his day to cook even if he's not planning to eat them. 

I'm glad to report that I'm down 4.6 lbs just this week! I may actually start using the weight tracker on SP.

So I'm not giving up. I am taking it day by day but making an effort to make better choices. When I want something sweet, I'll grab some fruit. When I crave something crunchy, I plan to grab some nuts. 

This is a daily battle but just like I plan to keep doing TurboFire 55 until I can do the entire video straight through without stopping, I can get my eating back under control. 

BTW - when I logged my calories today, SP gave me a warning that I needed to adjust my calorie burn. Eating too little and burning too many calories is unhealthy. I don't track my food, but I know I'm not eating too little (this is why the scale is going in the wrong direction). I do love when my HRM reads 845 calories after a TF workout - FEEL THE BURN!!!!


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

This is an inspirational post, my friend! Lately, I haven't been doing my part with diet or exercise. I'm gonna feel the burn! =)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Sounds like you are really in the game and that your BF is a great support. Any chance that he'd join you in a workout? Maybe something that would be fun for you to do together? Rowing, inline skating...? I recently got P90X and recruited my husband to do it with me. Since it's led by a man in our age group he was open to it. It's so much more fun working out with him than by myself.

Great catching up with you.

Fashion Meets Food said...

You seriously rock and are such an inspiration. Keep up the fabulous work gorgeous!