Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

I am taking this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope you spend yours with friends and family and that Santa doesn't bring you lumps of coal (unless you need/want coal for heating).

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pump Pump Pump It Up

Have you been hearing too much chatter about Les Mills' Body Pump class and wondering....WTH?  I was. So I finally mustered up enough confidence and found a willing victim to endure the torture with me. Not realizing that my uber peppy, blonde TurboKick instructor is on vacation for the next 2 weeks (she also lives, eats and breathes Body Pump), I entered my Thursday night class only to be surprised by Kim. I swear this chick must smoke mushrooms before coming to the gym. I've never seen anyone this amped about workouts. We commence to speed ball-energy infused kickboxing class in the dark (including glo-sticks). Kim has a thing for glo-sticks. Luckily, she was NOT teaching Body Pump.

I slunk out the door when she hit the floor for abs in order to bring my heart rate back down to beating inside my chest. I swear C2-5K has sucked all my stamina and tossed it underneath the treadmill. I know understand the importance of cross-training versus running/weights and no cardio classes (oh how I missed my cardio classes).

So what's Body Pump?  Honestly, it's the same strength class you've taken before BUT using a barbell and it is supposed to be the same format for each class regardless of the instructor or gym location. It's supposed to choreographed to music and the instructor is supposed to focus on form over the stacked number of reps.

I didn't get a lot of instruction because I was too busy trying to drop weights, add weights, grab mats, etc. I can say that my upper body is SORE and I know DOMs for my lower body will sink in in about another 2 hours. When I got home last night all I wanted was to grab something quick to eat, shower, and go to bed. I was asleep by 9pm. I was excited to finally see the scale go in the right direction this morning (maybe by some stroke of genius I will see the 161s again by NYE). I am looking forward to Liza's return (she's my peppy blonde) and I can see incorporating this class into my routine at least 2 times a week (screw that nightclub cardio class).

However, checking out the Les Mills website, you'll see a wide array of prepacked classes from spinning to step to kickboxing to even a dance cardio and yoga-ish class. It will be interesting to see if these will catch on.

Do you Body Pump?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To be Carrie Bradshaw

and to have her closet would be any girl's dream.

Yes, I know I'm super late...but I FINALLY saw Sex in the City, The Movie (the first one). And yes, I'm one of those who tends to think of Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie and Samantha as my friends too. I've watched the show  for so long now, these fictional characters do tend to feel like friends.  So forgive me if I sit on my sofa and talk back to the screen.

There were a few things that irk me with Miranda.  Her character is so self-centered, self-driven. Women complain about not having a good man, about absentee fathers, or just plain lazy men. Here, she has a man who just wants to love her and be a good father. Miranda totally emasculates Steve and  like a faithful puppy-dog, he accepts this behavior. Stop being so mean Miranda.

Personally, I would never have a man in my life that I could treat in such a manner. For as forward thinking as I am, I still want the man to be a man. Stand up for himself and me. Protect me in a knife or gun fight. Change the flat tire and repair the fence. This isn't an Enjoli commercial, but I will cook bacon every now and again.

But what really had me mulling over the bits and pieces of my life, was the original marriage proposal between Big and Carrie. At this age, why does it matter? If you're committed to each other and are happy with the direction of your relationship, why do you need to get married? Ok, so there is the fear of losing such a great closet...but that's TV - not real life. And you can put both names on property without being married. Should I feel some extra security after marriage? Is there a chance of a bigger closet filled with better shoes following the honeymoon?

I'm not opposed to marriage. Yes, I've even contemplated the dress (it's that strapless, tea length Calvin Klein hanging in my closet), the shoes (a pair of gold satin peep toes), the ring (non-traditional citrine set in white gold), the number of people to invite (as few as possible), even where (the Cathedral in Galveston, TX or the little white chapel in Pearland, TX - I just love the look from the outside). But I don't want to get wrapped up in the event. I'd rather be wrapped up his arms nightly.

So my life is not like Sex in the City (seriously, who walks around Manhattan in 4" heels. I snapped a 2" Bally heel in half walking 2 blocks between MSKCC and a parking garage), but I do have to say that my relationship with The Fella doesn't necessarily need to be held to a contract, but that citrine ring would be a nice touch.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It totally pays...

To workout when The Biggest Loser is on.

Well, actually I did an hour before the show started and I have to say that I think the C25K is working. Yesterday, I ran (except for a 5min warm-up and a 5min walking break) for 4 miles!!! I am so proud of myself. The last 1/2 mile took forever, but the commercial showing Elizabeth pushing through her issues keep me prodding along (I would have voted her off a long time ago). Ada makes me smile each time the show comes on.  She runs circles around those guys! Go Ada!

So a pat on my back for 4 miles in 50mins even with the crappy treadmill with an incline-mind of its own (the incline kept lowering).  I don't think I will get in 25 miles this week, but I know I can do another 4 tomorrow (Zumba tonight) and Sunday, totaling 16 miles.

So what's your woo whoo for the day? Who are your cheering for on BL?