Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've got news, Yo

Forget the other post I have sitting in my drafts about strangling my inner sloth. I think he went on vacation anyway.

I've got some news for ya.  But keep it on lock until it's actually official please. I've gotta tell someone because I'm about to burst with excitement. I did, of course, tell my folks and a few close real-life friends...and now I'm gonna tell you.

So I did a post a while back about My Fella's opportunity to relocate to and a follow-up to that post that had me spitting nails.  So consider this the follow-up to the follow-up.  I am so truly thankful for the dinner I had Sunday night (you can read about that when I finally post Inner-Sloth) because my buddy had an insightful convo with my Fella.

Ok, if you haven't guessed by now - he accepted the position.  The one in Denver!!!! I totally did 4 knee tucks on the track on Tuesday in the heat in super tight pink shorts (who the hell told me to buy those damn shorts anyway). Thank goodness I doubled-up on the sports bras - no black eyes or boob damage - cuz this chickie never jumps - ever!

Anyhoo....I will consider it official when he goes for training. It just goes to show that keeping the faith does pay off in the long run.


The Merry said...

Woo hoo!

to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

That's awesome! I had to read your other post to figure out WTH was going on since I wasn't reading your blogs back when this began. Good things come to those to wait - it just sucks about the waiting! I actually used to live in Denver (well...Aurora). I was 8, so I don't remember much except it was beautiful and had all 4 seasons! Can't wait to hear the updates!

Fashion Meets Food said...

How fabulous and exciting!!!


Lindsay @ said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting. Denver seems like an awesome place to live. I'm hoping hoping for a big change in my life and all I can do is keep the faith. Thanks for reminding me of that. Have a great Sunday girl.

Struggler said...

Congrats! Denver sounds so exciting for you both.