Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Budget - Smudget

I'm really beginning to dislike that word, the one that can't be mentioned. It's like a diet - a money diet per se. And once I've subjected myself to an overly restrictive diet (money or food), I will inevitably binge. There are so many things I want to buy, e.g., a vintage record cabinet (I've already committed to the $30 purchase), and mid-century cocktail bar (planning on haggling down to $100 vs the $259 asking price) - that's just for starters. 

So yeah, I said March 1 would be the kick-off date for keeping a log of what I spend daily. I also said sometime back in Jan and probably Feb that I would track my food intake (boy, I have the worse memory ever). Well, um, you's Day 3 and I haven't found the perfect spreadsheet. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Actually I did just find a decent daily log that I can customize til my heart's content. Hmmm, now if only I can find the receipts from Monday and yesterday.

If you're looking for a new budget (ah hell, I said the word that's not supposed to be spoken) spreadsheet try HERE or HERE.

So here goes nothing (why is "Send in the Clowns" playing on my iTunes station - and a horrible version at that? Wait. Is there a good version?). Ok Ok - back to the point.

Spending to Date:

Food:              $7.40
Parking:           $24 (it rained on Monday and I have a meeting after work tonight).
Household:      $30 (the record cabinet I've committed to and will pick up after my meeting this evening. Did  I mention that it's vintage and in MINT condition?)

Somewhere, somehow I will break this habit.  Maybe a talking bobble head of Dolph Lundgren saying "I must break you" a la Rocky IV will help.  Hmmm, running to ebay to see if there's one for sale. Kidding! Maybe


Savvy Gal said...

Keep account really helps. Good luck my dear.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Being on a budget is kind of like going on a diet-all you think about is what you can't have. LOL! Sorry, but for me, that's how it seems. It is a good idea to write things down so you know where you might be able to cut back.

LaShaune said...

I know I sound as if I'm whining, but dang it...being accountable for my $ is a BIG problem for me. If I'm not spending it on clothes I don't need, I'm spending it on calories I don't need. But there is hope on the horizon. The weather is changing which means more outdoor activities, less reasons to stay inside eating or shopping.

At least I am not in the situation I was 2 months ago (robbing Peter and Paul to pay Jack, Jill and Rudy).

Struggler said...

I've wasted a tonne of time looking for templates that fit my needs, but in the end, making my own was the only way that worked. Good luck, at least you're giving this serious thought and your intentions are clearly very honorable!

Sak said...

hello!! anybody new to ur loving it!!!!we run our family on a budget..can u believe, we have been living in the states since 10 yers- me and my hubby got our 1st credit card in 2008. Not having the credit card really helped us save money.