Thursday, February 11, 2010


Do you feel yourself changing?  Do you feel yourself outgrowing personality traits, clothes, shoes, thought patterns, fast driving?  Maybe it's the season (why do I have that song running through my head: Time of Season by the Zombies), maybe it's maturity trying to creep in, maybe it's just me - I dunno.  But I know it's time for change and today's events just solidified it.

I witnessed a horrible accident this morning (everyone is ok), but knowing that if I was going my normal rate of speed on the slick backroad (I usually try to clip it around 60mph, but not on rainy days) I would have been apart of the accident.  Umm yeah - no thanks. I've seen accidents after they've occurred and EMS/police are there - but to actually watch the events unfold in real time - that's freaky. So I'm slowing my ass down (although that won't necessarily guarantee I won't be in an accident).

I also received notice that a friend passed away in January due to metastatic breast cancer. This came on top of finding out that one of my fav doc's husband passed.  My heart is aching at the moment and I feel loss. I don't do well with death/dying - I don't think many people do (except maybe hospice nurses). I feel that life is becoming shorter and dwelling on negative issues is a big waste of time. Enjoy my true friends and family is what is really important.

This is welcomed change it's just worrisome that tragic events are making me realize it's time.

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Kitty Moore said...

I agree - we need to focus on all the positive - namely our health and the health and happiness of our family and friends.

Kitty x