Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I pay someone to cut my lawn

There are a lot of things I can do for myself and I consider myself a fairly handy chick, although I wouldn't say I'm qualified enough to get my contractor license and apply for a DIY show on HGTV. However, there is one thing I learned this weekend... unless you have a riding lawnmower or self-propelled mower, it's good to pay someone to cut your lawn. My backyard is monstorus in size (or at least is seemed when I was cutting it for the first time EVER on Friday), so large that I had to stop 4 times to empty the bag on the mower. Ok, it's not THAT large and granted the bag on the mower is small - but goodness it was a difficult task. I will be so glad when my uncle returns so he can continue the lawn care.

Ok, I'm done bemoaning the woes of lawn maitenance and on to trying to finding a natural remedy for mosquitoes. Those pesky buggers can completely ruin outdoor enjoyment. So this coming weekend, I will plant marigolds and geraniums as well as lemon basal. If nothing else the marigolds will keep the aphids from my roses and the lemon basal will be great on fish and chicken. Hopefully, they will also help keep the pest population at bay.

And finally, on today's fashion calendar inspiration - it's my absolute fav - Mrs. Obama day (black with pearls). I still haven't figured out the right distance to capture the shoes in the photo and I couldn't totally crop out the step and ironing board (man, that maid needs to be fired)...but it's fun just the same!

Black Dress - Old Navy (thrifted)
Black Cardi - no tag (thrifted)
Pearl/Floral Necklace - Ross
Pearl Earrings - too old to remember
Shoes (not pictured) - black patent with red ankle strap - Steve Madden (thrifted)

Me thinks I've been thrifting too much! Naw!!!!!!

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Mervat said...

We are on just over an acre of land and our almost-16 year old dons his headphones and his iPod and gets on the ride-on mower and does a fantastic job. Beats paying someone $200 sometimes twice a week in summer!