Monday, June 1, 2009

New Week for New Habits

Woo Hoo - it's Monday...Yeah, I know - not supposed to be so happy for a Monday, but I am for the major reason: I am once again a member of 24-hour fitness. I dropped my membership thinking it would save me money. Ha! I was wrong. Skippin workouts only lead me to deeper depression and spending more money resale shopping. So when I received the letter begging me to come back with promises of deep discounts, yada yada yada...I thought "why the hell not?" So tonight I will be turbo kicking my way back to sanity! Woo hoo for Monday.

Also, I read a megaload of fashion blogs. One of my favs is Fab Finds. Kimberly has done a great job keeping us frugal fashionistas updated and for providing some chic outfit ideas. So I've printed her fashioin calendar for June and here in my first attempt at dressing by the dots (instead of Nautical, Terrie and I changed it Seersucker Monday). Disregard the Cruella Deville hair and the poinsettias on the floor (I'm too lazy to store those holiday flowers).

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