Friday, June 13, 2008

Mother Know's Best

Ya'll tell me to take my own advice, which I rarely do. "We" always seem to know what's best for others but not for ourselves. Well, let me tell you - I am taking my own advice - deleting "can't", "fat", "dirty house" from my vocabulary. I will try to not make comparisons between what was the past and the present. I am on the slow and steady pace for several goals (school will be back on track in two weeks; weight loss is stalled, but is manageable; love life is materializing). Although, I have a difficult time forgetting, I have forgiven and have moved on the past irritants.

Thank you to T-Love for your kind words in my inbox this morning.

Thank you P-Diddy for being the encourager, the warrior, the fearless one.

Thank you KJC for showing me that little things do mean a lot to those around us and for being a survivor.

Thank you Big M for being the voice of wisdom and reason.

Thank you JCF for the passion, love and flowers.

And lastly, thanks to the Boston Celtics who overcame a deep deficit to beat those LA Beetchez!!!!! Yeah, baby.

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