Monday, November 28, 2011

Run to Feed the Hungry, 10K Update

Man...You have to really love running to run in the rain. Or in my case, just coming off a cold medicine high.

I did run the 10K on Thanksgiving Day supporting the Sacramento Food Bank, along with another 27,000 other people.  This has been the 2nd largest (only to DFW) Thanksgiving run in the US.  Hard to believe - but true.  My time wasn't great, but at least I finished before they cleared the route. 1hr 20mins.

It drizzled, rained, and drizzled some more on top of the 40 degree temperature that felt more like 20 degrees.

My running partner and I made a pact that we would cross together.  She was having leg pains so when she walked, I walked.  Secretly, at first I was happy but as the run/walking continued I just wanted to be DONE. 6.2 miles is a long way to run/walk in the cold and rain.

I may consider doing another 10K solo next time to see if my time is better. This race had waaaay too many people and the crowd control was poor. I almost knocked into several people when I was trying to cross the finish line.

But happily I can say that I finished!

Did you run on Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goats do Roam

And turkeys will trot.  I, however, would prefer to be drinking some Goats Do Roam and may only half jog-half walk 6 miles on Thanksgiving Day.

I, under huge duress, peer pressure, influence of major amounts alcohol, coming off the high of celebrating a friend crossing the finish line of her first 10K, agreed along with the rest of my running group, Black Girls Run - Sacramento, decided to run the Run to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving.  We also agreed to run the 10K over the 5K.  Now mind you, the furthest I've run is a 5 mile fun run on the 4th of July but I, I've got 6 weeks, I can train to run 6 miles, right?

WRONG!!!! I got lazy with running; came up with every excuse (mostly that I needed new shoes) to not run. I have been doing my other workouts with vim and vigor, however. I even have a good basic strength training plan down.

I've been sporadically running 3 miles. I attempted 4 miles twice, but got bored part-way through.  I'm not sure how I will make it Thanksgiving Day. I'm not even sure how runners do it, running all those miles.

I guess I will find out Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All I really want is a sandwich

So I got a wild hair up my you-know-where to attempt a juice detox. I had all these grandiose plans to juice for 3 days, meditate, unlock my chakras (whatever the heck that means), and become a healthier person at the end of it.


My master plan kicked off 11/1.  A great way to start off my birthday month, right? I was lucky to procure a Juiceman for $10. Dontcha just love Craigslist? And it even works. So Monday night, I juiced 1 beet, 1 pear, and a handful of spinach for breakfast on Tuesday. I always have a good amount of fruit and veggies on hand, but I did buy some extra items (beets) just for this project.

I HATE beets.  Not really sure why I thought juicing beets would make them any better. They smell and taste like dirt.  Gross.  All I could think of as I drank this beet/pear/spinach concoction yesterday was that it needed some vodka! I was able to get that stuff down (without vodka) and made it through Day 1 with the help of Bolthouse Farms Green Goddess, some tomato soup, a plain protein shake and Whole Paycheck's overpriced butternut squash soup (boy that was good...pricey, but good).

And all I could think of yesterday was how good a grilled cheese sandwich would be with my tomato soup or the taste of warm french bread with the butternut squash soup would be.  Alas, I had juice!

I did attempt to workout last night. 1 mile on the treadmill and 30mins of TurboKick. I have to say that I couldn't concentrate.  I'm not sure if it was the lack of food or that the gym was a distraction. I did, however, manage to burn 1100 calories!

Last night I juiced tomatoes, parsley, bell peppers and spinach for my morning juice.  Um, I'd rather would have eaten a salad for breakfast.  My mid-day juice is celery, carrots, parsley and spinach. We shall see how that works out. Lunch will be soup. I will get in a workout tonight along with some yoga, follow it up with a plain protein shake.

Not sure what the plan for tomorrow will be...I will keep you posted.