Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gone til November

Almost like the Fugees but not heading to jail and I should only be MIA until early March.

My last day at work was Friday and now I am trying to put the last few items in boxes so the movers can do their thang. Funny how it started out with me neatly packing each box, taping and labeling. Now it's down to the last bit and I'm just tossing stuff willy nilly. Example: I packed some mini speakers with candles and picture frames. But I did the label the box as such.

I was also taking my time to recycle the paper crap. Um yeah, please don't send the eco-nazis after me. It's just too much for me to continue walking over. I've just bagged it all up and tossed in the garbage. I know I know. I will surely pay this crime later - but now, I need to not get bogged down and getter done!

So by the end of next week I will not have computer access. Yes, I live in the stone age and refuse to get a smartphone, tablet PC or the iMaxiPad. Plus, I gave the laptop to the Fella when he left. I promise to play catch up in March.

So ya'll be good between now and then.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letting Go...

Do you know what's really difficult about packing?  It's not finding the right box or enough paper to wrap up the breakables.  It's not labeling the boxes or making sure the heavy-arsed book boxes aren't shoved in the back corner of a closet.

It's letting go.

I swore I would try to let go of my pack-rat tendencies and let go of stuff that I have been hoarding holding on to for too long to remember.

Case in point:  I have an old IBM Thinkpad 560 that I pulled out of the closet 2 nights ago (when I was so cranked up on coffee that I couldn't sleep at 1am). This thing is so old that it only has serial ports - no USB slots to be found. And I can't remember where to plug in the phone jack in order to connect the dial-up modem to the internet (there isn't a phone slot either).  Anyone with good sense would say: toss/recycle that doorstop.  Oh no, not me. I was thinking: hey, it's still good to use for word processing and such...let me search the net (using my much faster mac) and see how I can connect this wireless-ly.  

WTH!  Really, I should have just taken my butt to bed.Well, I have come to my senses and will make sure that POS makes it to the recycle bin.

But why am I having a difficult time getting rid of stuff that has lived in the dark regions of closets for the past 4 years?  I guess I'm worried that I won't be able to replace it.  I know that's not a smart deduction (especially since I have 2 mac computers which easily replaced that Thinkpad). Hopefully, in the next week I can get over this anxiety of letting go and finish packing my stuff. I am ready to be out of my house. I've even considered just putting what's boxed on a truck in the next week and leaving the rest!

How do you deal with letting go (not just clothes) of stuff?