Monday, May 16, 2011

Turbo FI-YA!!!

Yeah, this post may be slightly premature but we will consider this a preview post for now. K?

As ya'll are aware, I love me some Turbo Jam (video) and Turbo Kick (24Hr branded class). Well, after finally realizing that I just haven't clicked with the instructors here in Sacramento, I bit the bullet, pulled out my credit card and hit "BUY NOW".

5 days later it was sitting in the office waiting for me :).  Turbo Fire is on FIYA!!!!

Saturday, I attempted Week 1 Day 1. Dudettes!!! This had me pumped. I love the way the video is shot from the perspective of being in a row in class vs watching the class head on. Chalene is her usual, peppy, over the top excited self and her cues are easy to follow

Sunday, DOMS stopped by and said Hi!

Today, DOMS is still hanging around but I plan to repeat Week 1 Day 1 and take plenty of Advil and stick to the provided workout schedule to stay on track for the next 12 weeks.

To add to this, I get to eat some crow (hopefully a good source of protein). To those, especially Kim, who have suggested to me to sign-up for a race...I have committed to one. The Women's Festival benefiting a local woman's shelter. It's a 5K in June. I may try to run it (I can do 3 miles on the treadmill), but realistically, I will walk it.

This 5K came about because I met a new friend.

Last week, I took the plunge and put an ad on CL seeking a friend. Just someone to hang with. She responded and we made an immediate bond. The one thing I have to avoid is letting old habits infiltrate this relationship (the Let's go for lunch, coffee and dessert habit).

So at this point, the workout regime has some promise.  And since I am no longer obsessing over the food diary, my diet still has its ups and downs, but I am more mindful of what goes in my body. I have to say that the french toast was sooo yummy yesterday.

Dontcha just love brunch?


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

oh yay!!! So excited for you having a new friend - I met one of my very best friends on CL when I was searching for a workout buddy. We've been friends for 3 years now! Also sooo very excited for your first 5K! Can't wait to read your race recap! You will be sooo hooked after that, I promise!!!

On a side note...I wish I could get into the whole DVD thing at home. I have my kettle bell and my dvd that goes along with it and just haven't taken the plunge yet.

You are doing great things, my friend! So proud of you!!! =)

Carli said...

Tex! Hey, I can't believe you got a friend off of CL. That sounds so scary. I mean I've gotten half of my life off of CL, so whats the difference? I've gotten a lawn mower, sold furniture, even a bought a fish tank (with fish) lol. I was thinking that I found everything else on CL I might find a man. I think I'll try it out and see what happens.