Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lame Rules

Since the rise of gas prices, commuting in this city isn’t the easiest depending on your proximity to alternative means of transportation. I’ve been a faithful proponent of public transportation ever since moving back from NYC where u can travel around town, upstate, downstate, etc via mass transit. However, since I have low tolerance for stoopid drivers and tend to get white-knuckled and start having raving conversations with the invisible passenger (or road-rage as some may call it), I religiously make it the park-n-ride by 7am so I can plug in and tune out on my way to work.

Well, you can tell gas prices are hitting everyone in the back pockets, but the increase in non-black people riding my park-n-ride has increased, as exhibited by the Chinese couple on the bus today. The ‘regulars’ made a comment today that this couple must be new since when the bus came to a stop, they were the 2nd or 3rd to get up and exit the bus – they didn’t follow the unspoken ‘get-in-line’ rule. Of course I spoke up.

I don’t blame the Chinese couple for jumping up and getting off the bus. Everyone else takes their damn time and some of us have to transfer to another bus before hitting our final destination. I’m not sure why the sub-urban counterculture makes up these lame rules of standing in line for the bus, standing in line to get off the bus, and how they develop the mentality that public transportation is their personal limo service. If I didn’t have fat boy sitting on my hip today (I generally sit on the inside next to the window so I don’t have women and their ‘luggage’ banging into my shoulder) I would have jumped up and gotten off the bus quick, fast, and in a hurry.

So to the suburban-nites, it’s ok to buck your lame rules every now and again – not everyone conforms to the cookie-cutter homes, cookie-cutter cars, and cookie-cutter rules you attempt to impose and sometimes, we need to be first.

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Anonymous said...

LTD - You have to be the coolist and funniest gal I know! That was great :) kjc