Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Delimmas in Cyberspace

Dilemmas....well, one of sorts. I am not one to have many girlfriends and at the moment, I am probably cultivating, at the most, 3 real female friendships. So, I've been watching the ghetto hot mess that is Real Housewives of ATL. One of the ladies (I use that term loosely), Nene, is attempting to reconnect with her ex-BFF, Kim. Though her attempts aren't what I would consider, the best approach, her attempts to reconnect nonetheless did start my mental wheels turning.

Should I, shouldn't I...why don't I speak to this person any longer...do I really miss this person in my life, etc.

Then, I logged into Myspace. Since I can't access this time suck at work, I rarely check this website. For some reason, I did only to find a friend request from an ex-BFF from childhood. I have yet to click ACCEPT or DECLINE.

Will she have let the past stay in the past? Have I left the past back there as well? Have we matured enough to be online friends? Will we ever reconnect to be real-life friends again? Do I even want to?

To make matters worse, I check facebook like a crackhead getting a perpetual fix (since I can access that site via work). I have a friend request from an ex-a guy I dated briefly. I've had a few of these types of requests and 1 have accepted while the other I ignored for various reasons. So now I am faced with do I accept this friend request? Do I really care what he thinks? I have no desire to date him and deep down I want to accept his request so he can see all the great photos of me and The Fella as a way to teach him how to respect women and actually have a real relationship (as if I'm the relationship expert - ha!). But the other part of me has no desire to even see his face on my friend list, let alone on my friend request list.

Why, as adults, do we have the same issues we had in elementary through high school? Why can't we learn to be friends and keep friends? I understand we outgrow so of our childhood chums, but why is there such a dilemma of who to accept into your myspace/facebook/twitter lands? Why do we have such a hard time letting people know our true feelings?

Oh well. For now, I will just leave those requests lingering in cyberspace.